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10/01/20 at 02:20:33
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Mel Tucker is...... (Read 167 times)
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Mel Tucker is......
02/12/20 at 08:48:33
a complete and total piece of shit liar. I hope he is a miserable failure at that piece of crap school in East Lansing. That school is a total train wreck and that school and Tucker deserve each other. There is no honor anymore. People don't keep commitments and they look you right in the face and lie to you. Tucker sucks. He's a fraud and a phony and I truly hope he sucks so bad that even that piece of crap school in East Lansing fires him and he ends up coaching division 2 somewhere someday. I have ZERO respect for that person. I won't call him a man because he isn't a man in my opinion.
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