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Message started by Buff 87 on 09/10/18 at 15:42:48

Title: Adjustments
Post by Buff 87 on 09/10/18 at 15:42:48

In the past there have not been great adjustments made at the half, in this game there were definitely improvements in the second half.

Title: Re: Adjustments
Post by snowman33 on 09/10/18 at 23:03:34

I thought our run defense really improved in the second half. Overall I was extremely happy with the adjustments made at halftime. I thought we got way too conservative in the second quarter offensively so I was really happy to see us open it back up in the second half.

Title: Re: Adjustments
Post by Chilly on 09/11/18 at 15:01:22

I am just glad we came out with a win. The second quarter definitely had me questioning what exactly this team was going to be this year.  The poor tackling was very very frustrating.  I was glad to see they could weather a storm and turn it around.  Especially on the road.

I know kNebraska was not ranked, but I really think this was a key win for this staff and program.  I think this is our first out of conference P5 win on the road since McIntyre came to town.   This was a win they had to have if you were going to convince the fans that last year as an anomaly.   If you expect to be a top 25 team then you need to go on the road against unranked P5 teams and win those games.  They did do that.

A couple of quick thoughts.  
1)  Shenault is a beast.  He is going to be fun to watch this year.  
2)  We need to find a running game.  I love the story behind Evans but he is dancing to much behind the line.  I know our O-line isn't blowing anyone up, but that is when a small back like Evans needs to thrive.  Pick seam and hit it hard and fast.
3)  Montez is improved, but even though not all the sacks were his fault, he still seems to not trust his receivers at times.  You are not always going to be open.  Make the throw and let you guys go up for it.
4)  Worried how kNebraska seemed stronger on both O and D line.  I thought this was an area of improvement for us this year, but it looks like our Big Nasties still are not as Big and Nasty as the other P5 schools.

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