Posting Guidelines

What is Buff Backers for?
Primarily for fun. Buff Backers is a place for the Colorado Buffaloes community to come together and discuss the topics that interest us and express our support for the Colorado Buffaloes team.

Stay positive...
With respect to the team, particularly individual players, we expect all of our posters to remain positive and supportive. This does not mean that you can't express some constructive criticism that explores the weaknesses as well as strengths of our team. There is a big difference between "Player X sucks and is as slow as molasses" and "Player X needs some improvement particularly with his speed, but his strength and agility are outstanding". And there are a hundred shades of gray in-between.

Why should I? The players don't read this stuff...
You are wrong there.  Many of them do read this and other Internet sites. The rule of thumb to use is don't post anything that you wouldn't say if the player and his mother were standing right next to you, because in a very real sense, they are.

But the coaches should know better than to read the Internet...
You're right. And they do know better than to take anything said on the Internet to heart. They are also professionals and adults, so you can be a bit harder on them. Their personal lives, whether that is our coaches or the coaches of other teams, should be left out of it though.

What about my First Amendment right to free speech?
This is a business privately owned by Buff 87. He has every right to limit what is said on the website as he sees fit. The Internet is a very big place, and if you have an opinion that you feel you must express, you are welcome to build your own website and say whatever you like. You are not entitled to use Buff Backers for your own purposes just so that you can reach a larger audience.  

What about the moderators?
They were chosen because they are passionate and intelligent (well, with the exception of 96 Buff), but most of all because they are pretty good at keeping their sense of humor. It is their responsibility to enforce these guidelines as best they can. That does not mean that they are limited beyond these guidelines in expressing their opinion. Sometimes they disagree with a poster, and they choose to express that opinion just like anyone else.

What is it that the moderators do?
They enforce these guidelines. Some of the guidelines are political (like the Staying Positive thing) and some are just managerial, like Staying on Topic (see below). A moderator is able to do four things within the board they moderate:

Appropriate action for a violation of these guidelines is at the moderator's discretion. Disagreements with a moderator's decisions should be emailed to for review.  If you see something that you believe is out of the boundaries of these guidelines, email the moderators and/or Buff 87.

But I'm a Husker/Wildcat/Ram/Sooner/Longhorn/Aggie, etc…
Welcome. Consider yourself a guest on our board. The guidelines are very likely to be more strictly enforced with you than with a CU Buff poster. It is, after all, a CU Buff BBS. We welcome diverse and interesting discussion, but if you are just here to spout off "cu sucks" or "we kicked your butt in (fill in the blank)", then we aren't interested. If you have something to add about your team or questions about ours, please feel free to join in.

Time for the nitty gritty...

1.0           General Policies:

1.1 Stay Positive. (See above)

1.2 Comments on Coaches and Athletic Department Personnel: Personal attacks on employees (Athletic Director, administrative assistants, groundskeepers or whomever) and/or coaches will not be tolerated.  You may offer your opinion on how well you think they are doing their job, but you may not resort to name-calling or making wild accusations. These types of posts will be edited and/or deleted and the poster will be warned and possibly banned.

1.3 Stay on topic.  Since Buff Backers currently uses only one message board, all topics are welcome on that board.  If demand warrants, additional boards may be added to facilitate specific interests in recruiting, basketball, other sports, jokes, politics or whatever else is deemed appropriate.  Please keep replies to a particular thread applicable to the title/subject of the thread. 

1.3.1       That being said, Buff Backers does not and will not have a Trash Talk/War Zone type board dedicated to flames & flame wars, and we do not want to see that kind of thing anywhere on Buff Backers. There are other websites that cater to that kind of crowd and if you like that sort of junk, you should check them out.   As always, the moderators have the right to deem what is appropriate and take the necessary actions.

1.4 Racial slurs of any kind will not be tolerated. Use of any such terms may result in immediate and permanent banishment.

1.5 Profanity. Allowed, but not encouraged. This is always a judgment call on the part of the moderators and administrators. Particularly vulgar usernames will have their access blocked and will be requested to change. Profanity in the titles of threads will likely be edited. Vulgarity within posts is at the discretion of the moderator. Oftentimes a user can be incredibly offensive without using even one "four-letter" word, while another can use them profusely in good-natured and humorous way.

1.5.1        But what about children? Buff Backers is not intended for children, and parents should make the determination if the content of Buff Backers, as well as all sites that their children may frequent, is appropriate for them.

1.6 Personal Attacks. Avoid attacking other posters personally. Name-calling is strongly discouraged. You can disagree with another without calling them a jerk or worse. Violent outbursts will be reason enough for immediate banishment.

1.7 Do not start a new thread to reply to posts on a different thread. Although threads sometimes can get long and cumbersome, please keep any replies to the subject matter of a thread to that particular thread. If a thread is old, and has slipped below the first page of the a forum, you can find it (and post a reply on it, sending it back to the top of the BBS) by either: (a) scrolling down page-by-page to look for it; or (b) using the handy "search" feature, the link for which is located at the top of the page.

1.8 Do not post copyrighted information on this BBS. A BRIEF paraphrasing of such information is permitted, ONLY if a corresponding link is provided to the site from which the information originated. With that said, go ahead and link to stuff that you think would be of interest to the Buff Backers users.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

1.9 Do not post advertisements for other sites or services on the BBS. Link to stuff that is of interest, but don't use Buff Backers as a way of advertising your site or to drum up business.

2.0          Policies regarding players/recruits:

2.1Once again, stay positive.

2.2 There will be no posting allowed reporting implications of NCAA violations or criminal activity by any player/coach/program unless such violation or activity has been reported by a credible news source. Credible news sources include major newspapers (ESPN, CNN/SI, The Sporting News, USA Today, The Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post, The Boulder Daily Camera, etc.). A poster on any BBS is not a credible source.

Although discussions may arise regarding depth at a particular position on a college football team that may be affected by the suspension of a player, such discussions should be limited to the effects of the loss of that player (not the effect of the allegations or subjects of the suspensions themselves).

2.3 There will be no posting of academic information regarding any player/recruit (no grade or test information). The one exception to this policy is if a recruit has publicly stated such information, and then a link to that information is preferable to the actual posting of the information. It is acceptable to say that a recruit MAY (no one knows for sure) have "clearinghouse issues," but even this should be done sparingly, and in such a way not to belittle a recruit's academic ability.

3.0           CONCLUSION

Note that the moderators and administrators DO NOT have the time or inclination to be "thought police." In fact, a rich factual discussion representing a variety of viewpoints is what makes this BBS an enjoyable place to visit. Note, however, that the best judgment of the moderators may be required in certain circumstances in interpreting and enforcing both the policies and the guidelines. As well, situations outside the policies and guidelines may arise from time to time, and the moderators will handle those in their best judgment.

If you have questions or comments on these guidelines, feel free to e-mail or we will be happy to address them.